About us

64Diecast, derived from Diecastdevils, which was created in 2012, was primarily focused on the distribution and trade of collectibles, geared mainly towards the motorized world. Unconditional fans of motor racing competitions, it made sense that our enthusiasm could serve as a motto for creating a business where more than just a commercial activity could promote meeting, socializing and bringing people together as well as others. We share the same passion.

Initially it was a little joke, something to do in parallel, something that was more for pleasure than profitability, a game that became serious and as such, gave us the possibility that with this concept we can take it beyond borders, where with good acceptance, we had the opportunity already to work the Spanish and French markets.


General Manager/Owner


João Sá

Stocks/envios/gestão de conteúdos

Our story

The motorsport world in particular and the motor world in general have always been a passion. There was another passion, management, business creation and its development. It was therefore naturally that something that brought the two together was quietly taking shape. It was 2012, the economic outlook was not famous and there were not always solutions for an increasingly down market. All "sources" of income were welcome, which is why diecastdevils (Name created then and which lasted until 2019) began to be an integral part of daily business development strategies. We never looked at this business segment as something that could in itself be a solid base for profitability, but always as something accessory, a side project, complementary ... However, as time went on, we had signs, small notes. and situations that started us to believe that this could be much more than a side project.

It was then that we began a new process. It was important to reinvent ourselves in terms of business, in terms of supply, in terms of strategy and approach. The number of hours on the road has increased, the presence in salons, communications via Facebook and email, we are trying to reach more places, more people and in better conditions. Like all business there are ups and downs, in fact ... lower than high, we think of giving up, we think of blowing things up and changing our lives, we think of following other ways, while stubbornly another part of us wants to. Continue. Not long before 2018 designed this whole new approach, name and form of operation, we were millimeters away from throwing the towel to the floor. sell everything to the brunt and follow another course. But we didn't, and thankfully we didn't. Instead we went back to the sketchbook. We wrote, brainstormed, made drawings, and outlined what 64diecast.com is today. We got our hands on the road, went on the road, and feedback from those who visited us, who contacted us, who we dealt with, was a great fuel to move and walk once again in the right direction.

Too many hours on the road, too many boxes loaded, too many messages, too many phone calls and worries later, here we are ... Far from perfect, far from what we can be and do, but satisfied with the path we have taken and what it has brought us.