Our mission

64DIECAST arises from personal taste for the automotive world in general and the world of collecting in particular. Our goal is to provide a platform where the customer can easily and correctly find the articles they are looking for and want. We seek daily to adjust our offer to the true tastes of those who seek us. We have well-defined goals, but we pride ourselves on a responsible and cordial policy towards our partners, customers and competitors.

Our values

Our values ​​inspire all the work we do daily. We seek in all our activity to maintain a posture where we give importance to values ​​and morals, and promote respect and peaceful coexistence among all.

People: They are the most important to us. We have a team dedicated to giving answers and always available to help. Whatever the problem, the doubt, we always have someone to help.

Passion: It is what moves us. The passion for the automotive world, for movies, for series, for collecting. We are enthusiastic, and that makes all the difference in the energy we bring everyday to our workplace.

Sustainability: We are for a better world. And so we seek to have an activity oriented to the reuse of materials. We seek the minimum use of plastics and promote the reuse of packaging in our shipments.

Our products

We are very strict with the selection of our products. We are always looking for an offer of the best products from the best brands. But there's nothing like a visit to our site to prove for yourself

Our customers

Customers love the careful selection of the fantastic products we offer and our personalized service.

And it is for them that we seek to do our best.